We're Built For This

Her first official day as a cancer patient was her birthday. Jan 28, 2020. There were many phases to fighting cancer. Looking back it's very clear that we were in denial. Cancer was inconvenient. We had plans. We had things to do. We needed to schedule the surgery and treatments on the weekends and around our busy schedules so that we could accomplish the real work we'd laid out for ourselves that year. We weren't all wrong. We knew that we were being put through something so that we'd have a testimony.

Here's what we wrote:

When you grind for years after all the travel, running the business, consulting, parenting and choreography you write a book, fight to get it published and book a 4-month speaking tour to promote your book and business - and then get diagnosed with breast cancer. You have some pretty adult conversations with God. After the screaming and the crying, pleading and pity party this was the crux of the conversation. When God looks for someone to testify, God looks first for someone who can carry the weight. So while we grind and fight cancer this spring - we’ll be promoting two books. The one we wrote and the one we write everyday.