Finding Joy

After looking at data, doing our research, and spending time in prayer, we've decided that I'll start chemotherapy on May 12. My oncologist and radiologist were both surprised and concerned by the results from my oncotype test. We've decided to take cautionary measures now rather than run the risk of letting the cancer spread.

When I had my first biopsy in January, I prayed that the test results would come back negative for cancer. Then I prayed that my lymph node biopsy would show that the cancer hadn't spread to my lymph nodes. And what I learned was that not too long ago my lymph node biopsy would have shown no sign of cancer, because the amount was so small. I would have gone happily along my way, uninformed and unaware of the real risk. So this time, I didn't pray for a specific test result. I prayed for direction to make the best decision. I prayed for strength and courage to face whatever was coming so that I could beat this thing resoundingly. I prayed for healing and restoration so that I may be here for my children for years to come.
For right now, the plan is 4 chemotherapy treatments spread out from May - July and six weeks of proton radiation starting in August. As we enter this new phase, the irony is not lost on me that if there was ever a time for me to be still and excuse myself from the regular rat race, this would be it. Many of you know that I do not do well with sitting still. I travel out of state 50% of the time, and when I'm at home I stay scheduled to the hilt. Well now I have nowhere to go, and I'm not missing anything lol.
I know the last few posts have been lengthy, so thank you for reading. Publicly expressing gratitude despite the challenges has really helped me keep my spirits up. It means a lot to me knowing that so many friends, family, and people I don't even know personally are rooting for me.
Dancing has always brought me joy, so this is a few counts I put together this morning to encourage myself.