Strength in Weakness

So many of us go through life with an “I got this” attitude. Asking for help is either seen as a sign of weakness or whining / complaining or burdening someone else with your problems. Cancer reminds you that you DON’T got this. This is too big for you to handle quietly, secretly on your own. So we’ve reacquainted ourselves with the “unreasonable request”. It is a carefully considered and reasoned request that you acknowledge will cause the person asked some effort, sacrifice or hardship - yet you thank them and ask anyway. These types of requests build bonds. People are honored that you feel close enough to them to make such a request and know conversely that if they were to ever need such a thing in the future that they can call on you. Allowing people to contribute to you in need is a gift for both people. #WereBuiltForThis

Photo: This was a beachweek moment between Nikki and best friend Adrianne. They were sharing some challenges of mom and wife and profession and leaning on each other.